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The Maples rehabilitation facility and program is unparalleled. With our state of the art therapy gym, individualized therapy plans, in-house therapists and private treatment rooms, each guest is afforded only the best in restorative care and treatment. We ensure that you are comfortable and motivated while regaining your independence.

Therapy Services

Physical therapy

Physical therapy works to restore functionality, improve mobility and decrease pain for those impaired or threatened by disability, injury or disease.  The goal of physical therapy is to re-establish the individual’s prior functional level.  Rehabilitation strategies focus on specific exercises that improve strength, balance, range of motion, coordination, endurance and posture.

Occupational Therapy

We recognize the importance in helping our guests recover daily living tasks and skills. Our occupational therapy department has a full working kitchen for you to redevelop and maintain basic kitchen practices in a safe and secure environment.  This ensures the success of our guests who will be using these skills independently in their own home.

Speech Therapy

The Speech therapy room is a designated space that is quiet and tranquil.  The discipline of speech therapy not only works for swallowing rehabilitation, but also cognitive treatments.  The success of this therapy is imperative upon a quiet atmosphere.  The Maples takes pride in meeting you where you are, which results in successful rehabilitation. 

Respiratory Therapy

Exclusive to The Maples, our facility believes in the importance of preventative care.  Our in-house respiratory therapists provide individualized treatment plans and prevention of respiratory issues for our guests.  You will not find this amenity at any other facility in our area.